Our Philosophy

We build relevant, differentiated brands that offer robust experiences for consumers. Our belief is that a harmonious brand can only be created by developing a strategic plan to build customer loyalty across the entire brand platform. Our role is to help brands create meaningful experiences.

Brainstorming Branding Services (BrainDing): Creating the Platform for a Harmonious Brand Experience (Including Feasibility study, Branding or rebranding).
We refer to it as THE BRAIN OF THE BRAND. BrainDing.

Delivering the Physical Brand Experience (BrainStorming): Brand Refinement and Contextual Application on all forms of business tools, content creation, quality production, brand rollout and brand maintenance services). We refer to it as THE BODY OF THE BRAND. Brainstorming.

The Digital Brand Experience Services (Brainimation): Creating the digital brand experience including, but not limited to: Online presence, Brand films, Animation, Digital Services, Multimedia, infographics… etc. We refer to it as THE SOUL OF THE BRAND. Brainimation.

We Believe That

Every Brand, be it a new born or an existing one, must have ‘HARMONIOUS BRAND EXPERIENCE’ process in order to be a winner in the consumer’s mind. This can only be achieved through a scientific process managed by knowledgeable & professional practitioners with a passion for Brands.

Our Vision

To become THE LEADING INTEGRATED BRANDING CONSULTANCY IN THE ARAB WORLD with sole focus on building harmonious brand experience from Brand Concept Creation to Brand Application and all the way to Brand Automation.

Our Mission

To CREATE THE HARMONIOUS BRAND EXPERIENCE scientifically by stimulating consumer preferences throughout the Arab World and beyond.

Our Motto

Brainstorming the Harmonious Brand Experience